Isabelle Tellié

Hands for future

Steel sculpture

"Our house is on fire" Greta Thunberg

It is an indisputable truth that the effects of climate change are impacting
our planet. And yet, in Isabelle's opinion, the most disgraceful fact
is that we are unapologetically passing on something so seriously
grave into the hands of new generations.
Therefore she would love to raise a monument to the children of today, who are fighting to change this world, not only environmentally, but also by contributing to a prodigious shift in our consciousness. The sculpture stands as a visual representation and acknowledgment of their work and effort, and as a reminder to anyone who looks at it: To face the future we must first face the present.

Facing our own future

The sculpture consists of a 6 meter tall globe made of sustainable stainless steel, representing our home, Planet Earth. Ideally, the structure is intended to be placed on the outside of a state building or gallery, or in a public square. In forming the shapes of the continents, countless handprints organically cover the surface of the sphere. These are authentic casts of the hands of children participating in the demonstrations and have been collected in “Fridays for Future” events across the globe. These hands unify to represent the new global generation and its power, as well as its right and commitment to a cleaner, rosier future.
And yet perhaps the most significant feature of this sculpture lies in its mirroring effect. The surface of each of these children’s handprints is polished and reflective. We - the viewers - are mirrored in these hands, because change is up to all of us. We must become aware of our own power to change the miserable state we have driven our planet to. The
artist wants us to open our eyes, to stop hiding, and to look straight at our present selves, as we can no longer wait for politicians and economic leaders to steer the wheel and save our ship. By committing as individuals to a better future and to uniting our efforts starting
from the very present, our influence becomes limitless.