Isabelle Tellié

Shifting perspectives

Fashion and art have a linear relationship as two different means of creative self-expression that most definetley could profit from a symbiotic discourse.

First collaboration with artist Roos van Dijk

Roos van Dijk, a talented graduate of the Artez Arnhem Fine Arts department. The work of Roos starts from her personal experience of modern architecture, expressing this in hard-edge paintings and modest plaster reliefs, inspired by images of our constantly expanding urban environment. By initiating a collaboration between fashion and art, ART AS RESIDENT emphasizes the unique characteristic of fashion as wearable art.

Translating architectural art works into wearable creations

Our static man-made environment will come to life on the human body in motion, creating a constantly shifting perspective of forms and lines. By merging conventional crafts with our innovative and technological spirit of age, exploring new perspectives within the medium of fashion.