Isabelle Tellié

Dandelion Mission

The Dandelion Mission is an interactive art project that explores the power of shared resonance.

Our mission envisages a connected environment, where every voice contributes to a universal melody

The Dandelion Mission stands as a beacon, illuminating the profound expanses of resonance that bind us together. This is not merely a fleeting encounter but a voyage into our shared Future, a query to our collective consciousness: Why are we here?
Our journey aims at the collection, carriage, and dispersion of seeds, seeds not in the literal sense but symbolic of ideas, smiles, gestures, love, innovation, and actions.
By joining this project, individuals contribute to a connected environment where every voice plays a part in seeding the landscape of tomorrow.


"Dandelion whispers, boundless resonance blooms, seeds of shared purpose, futures entwined in cosmic looms.“

In the grand theatre of life, every action, every non-action resonates, creating ripples that extend beyond our immediate perception.

With Mission Dandelion, we offer an invitation to seek your inner wisdom, to delve into the untouched reservoirs of your soul.


Your message to the world seeds the landscape of tomorrow

Each participants become an integral part of Mission Dandelion, enabling the spread of ideas, fostering innovation, and most importantly, weaving the fabric of a connected human existence. Through this project, they are not just sharing a message; but setting forth on a journey of resonance, seeding the landscape of tomorrow, and ultimately, shaping the future.