Isabelle Tellié

Formblatt 151

Formblatt 151 is a blast from the past, but it's also about the innovative zeitgeist of today. Isabelle Tellié went back to the 60s and Bauhaus art movement by using innovative technologie.

Inspired by the basic idea of the Bauhaus style.

The collection forms a synthesis of art and craft which is on the one hand characterized by our innovative and technological spirit of age and on the other hand it leaps back into former days.

Weaving and embroidery are not longer forgotten

In conjunction with a new form of processing these traditional crafts experience a renascence by using innovative technologies such as laser cutting, 3D printing and welding techniques to find ways of making traditional handcrafts applicable to the current time.

Collaboration with Suzan Marijnissen

For the Formblatt 151 Collection Isabelle Tellié collaborated with the Product Designer Suzan Marijnissen, who designed this fantastic lasered caps. For more informations and cap orders please contact : sjm.marijnissen@gmail.com
Instagram: Suzan.marijnissen

Rectilinear shapes and strong contrasts

Combined with a touch of sixties fashionclash gives the collection it's unique appearience