Isabelle Tellié

IFA 2022/ ARD

Light, sound and visual art installation

We live in the age of disinformation

False news spreads 6 times faster than well-founded news. Part of the nature of an information bubble is that it is very difficult to debunk once we are in it.

It has become more difficult to recognize whether an information source is trustworthy

Like demons, they accompany us every day without us noticing them.

In this installation, these filter bubbles materialize in a closed space.

A physical perception arises that otherwise remains hidden from us

Art Collaboration Crew

This installation was created through the collaboration with Sven and Clara Sauer concept, Dan Vogel Essex and Isabelle Tellié construction, Nathalie Heckl (lighting design) and Tadaocern (Silicon Balls). All pictures made by Carsten Beier.