Isabelle Tellié

Tiny House DIY

Isabelle build this Tiny house to explore new horizons of working and building Supported by Martin Löli from Tiny house Lab, Pro Clima, GUTEX and KEIM Farben

Liberty, consciousness and new culture

Tiny house just a new trend or a fundamental state of change?
Isabelle explores this new movement, which was born in America, out of the lack of space in the cities. She is using it as a new way to pursue her work and to give people the opportunity to talk about this trend through workshops. Isabelle also regularly hosts Tiny house Music Sessions with musicians from all over the world.

Just be as naive as possible to dare the first step of your dream

She wants to challenge herself, while building this house nearly on her own. Without much knowledge in house building, however she dares the step and on her way she evolves to a level of mental and technical insights, she never thought of.