Isabelle Tellié

Toile de Luxe

Inspired by the feeling of adrenalin, Isabelle designed 3 looks, which underline these strong emotions of life and death in an extreme situation. Photography by Sophie de Vos

My passion of riding motorbike inspired her collection profoundly

The profound feeling of being alive and reactivating the natural survival instinct, which is more and more forgotten in our society, forms the fundamental base of Isabelle's Toile de luxe collection.

Inspired by the Baushaus art movement

Isabelle made a huge research into the traditional function of the Tweed textile, which used to serve as a sport and outdoor textile and thus developed a reloaded version of it, by using lasercutter and 3D printing machines.

Furthermore the Wassily chair designed by M.Breuer has a fundamental meaning in my work.
Like the chair parts of my collection are based on sort of a frame so that clothes get its form as well as its function.